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The FSC Muay Thai Gyms in Exeter and Exmouth, are owned & run by 3 x Muay Thai Champion & UKMF Instructor Sonny Perez. He obtained ‘Kru Yai’ status and has studied Muay Thai for over 30 years. Sonny has had 10 fights and wins. The FSC family has produced 30 champions, and coach fighters for the World Games on year on year. We offer over 20 classes per week split between the Exeter & Exmouth gyms, including Muay Thai for beginners & advanced fighters, fitness, strength & conditioning classes, functional fitness + many more. We have classes to to suit all abilities and interests, whether you want to compete in Muay Thai or just get fit we have a class to suit all, check out the classes page for more information.

5 Reasons to Join FSC

1)  You will have personal coaching individually matched to your fitness goals and levels. In our gym we have years of experience in training all ages, sizes and levels of experience we train people from 4-50 years old and total beginners to World champions.

2)  Our training is much more fun than running or conventional fitness gyms. There is a real sense of team spirit and community in every session. We train hard but it’s more fun when you train alongside other people who will push you to stick with training!

3) Training is non-contact to start with. In fact if you prefer just training in a non-contact environment you can select specific classes that focus on fitness and pad work and get all the benefits of being fighting fit without having to necessarily be a fighter.

4) We have our own in house qualified nutritionist who can write your own individual diet plan and be there to deal with any difficulties that you experience.

5) We are the cheapest Fitness and thai boxing / MMA facility in East Devon. Because we believe in bringing Muay Thai to as many people as possible we make our fees affordable and great value, and have rates to suit everyone.