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Hi, my name is Sonny Perez.

I'm the owner, founder and head coach of FSC Muay Thai, martial arts training centres. I began my martial arts journey at an early age and it was my dream to set up high quality Muay Thai and kickboxing facilities here in Exeter and Exmouth. I have created an enjoyable and sociable environment for my students to learn and keep fit, building the confidence that they can carry into their everyday lives.

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Muay Thai

Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

Muay Thai, translates to 'Thai Boxing' in English. It is an ancient martial art and a form of Kickboxing often referred to as the 'art of eight limbs' due to the use of fists, kicks, elbow and knee strikes. We are FSC (free style combat) Muay Thai. Exmouth and Exeter's premier Muay Thai martial arts centres.

  • Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai


    The martial art of Muay Thai combines solid strength training with explosive cardio workouts for the ultimate fitness regime. We cater for students of all fitness levels from beginner to elite athletes. All of our instructors are also personal trainers in their own right and can help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

  • Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

    Weight Loss

    If losing weight is your goal, we can help! Our expert trainers can support your weight loss journey and we can offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle. Cardiovascular training is an essential part of any weight loss program and we can help you lose weight and feel great. Kickboxing is one of the most physically demanding sports and martial arts out there meaning you can lose weight quickly.

  • Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

    Self Defence

    Muay Thai is the ultimate stand-up, striking martial art. The most effective form of kickboxing, it is the art of choice in the UFC and MMA competitions due to the use of powerful, combative strikes. It is arguably the most effective martial art due to the range of skills taught and the power generated by techniques.

  • Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

    Have fun!

    Ultimately, our martial arts classes are fun, safe and friendly. If you want to try something new, meet new friends and have fun, book a free trial today!

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Whatever your abilities, we are here to support you on your martial arts journey! We offer a completely free trial and some awesome web exclusive offers!

Expert Trainers

Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

We specialise in a single martial art and our instructors have a wealth of professional experience. We have the only Thai trainer in the South West and our head instructor is a veteran fighter who continues to train UK ranked fighters and competitors for the world games each year. You may have seen us on the NETFLIX documentary FIGHTWORLD or seen Team FSC featured on the televised Muay Thai Grand Prix!

Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai
Head Coach

Sonny Perez

Sonny is a 3x Muay Thai Champion and a UKMF Instructor. Graded to Kru and Kru Yai by the Kru Muay Thai Association, he has many years of experience in both competing, training and instructing our martial art.

Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

Komsun 'Lucky' Sukkum

Lucky is a highly experienced Muay Thai fighter and coach from Thailand. He has had over 150 professional fights and has trained since he was 4 years of age. A true, consumate martial artist and the only Thai trainer in the South West!

Exeter Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai

Chris Melhuish

Chris is a WBC ranked fighter and a WBC European world champion. He is ranked #20 in the world and #3 in the UK at super middleweight. He is an experienced martial arts coach and fighter and the latest addition to the Team FSC family!

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